November 18 2010


Hi, I’m Steven Halter and this is my blog on which I post things I find of interest. Maybe other people will also–maybe not. Book reviews comprise a fair percentage of the posts along with food travel, science and other odd things.
I’ve written two Java books–My Books. I originally created this website for dealing with those books, but as it has been awhile since I wrote one of those, I’ve transitioned it to its current role of being about anything I want it that is catching my attention at the moment.

I’ve been programming computers since 1982. I’ve been getting paid for it since 1984.
I went to Iowa State University from 1982 – 1986 as an undergrad in computer science and then from 1986 – 1988 as a grad student in Com Sci. So, 1982 – 1988 to put that all together. I’ve lived in Rochester, MN since 1988. I’m not particularly fond of cold weather, but the health care is good. Also, no velociraptors that I have seen.
I’ve been a science fiction/fantasy fan for almost as long as I can recall. I’ve been going to Minicon since 1989 with just an occasional miss.
I’ve been married to Susan since 1992. Our son Josh also lives in Rochester.
We’ve got a house and a bunch of squirrels that are, perhaps, too well fed. We like to travel, read and watch the antics of the various creatures in our back yard.


  1. By Doug Clark on

    Hey I never knew you had a website — very cool! I will definitely be spending some time here checking it out!!


  2. By Steve Halter on

    Hey Doug! I guess I should have mentioned that. Glad you found it though. I should do some college posts sometime as there were some interesting times. Like the ‘power bota’ story.

  3. By EEGiorgi on

    Hi Steve, I just wanted to say, “nice meeting you,” and thanks so much for reading my blog. Your blog is quite interesting too. I need to broaden my SF reads, and your reviews are an excellent resource.

    Have a great day!


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