December 8 2010

Books (Written)

I’ve written two books dealing with Java programming. Writing these was an interesting experience. The performance book, I coauthored with Steven Munroe. We used the experience we had gained from trying to get a large IBM project (SanFrancisco) to perform well.
They are both out of print now.
I learned that writing a book takes a lot of work.

Enterprise Java Performance by Steven L. Halter & Steven Munroe
The performance book was easier to write. For one thing, I had a partner. For another, I had just been immersed in the area for a couple of years. This book was fairly well received and at one point was given away (by Sun) at a JavaOne.

Javaspaces Example by example by Steven L. Halter
The JavaSpaces book grew out of my wanting to know more about JavaSpaces. I had done some work with object persistence (non db) and wanted to take a closer look at this form.
The fall of 2001 proved to be an unfortunate time to release a java book.