July 12 2012

Kiss Me Twice

Kiss Me Twice by Mary Robinette Kowal is a novella nominated for the 2012 Hugo Award. It is essentially a police procedural set in a reasonably near future. It is told from the perspective of police detective Scott Huang. Scott and his AI partner Metta are investigating a murder. Metta appears to Scott (via VR glasses) as a version of Mae West.
This is all set up to be exactly the sort of story I like. Detective and partner sharing wisecracks and info, some nice forays into some i=of the philosophical issues with AI’s and a nice twist to the story. This was all well done and structured nicely. However, there was a certain flatness to the story, for me, that kept me from becoming immersed in the storyline.
So, while I enjoyed the story, I kept breaking out of the story at the same time.

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