June 12 2012

Movement: A Short Story About Autism in the Future

Movement: A Short Story About Autism in the Future by Nancy Fulda is a nominee for the 2012 Hugo short story award. It begins with Hannah overhearing a conversation between her parents and a therapist. She overhears the conversation by virtue of being in the same room, but her parents are so used to her not seeming to understand that they essentially ignore her. Hannah does understand, however her understanding is different than her parents understanding of understanding.
Hannah has a condition that she describes as temporal autism. The way in which she perceives the relationship of time and the world is not the same as that in which “average” people perceive the world. Hannah must decide how she feels about receiving the treatment and how to relate that decision.
This story dealt with the relationship between children and parents as did The Paper Menagerie and The Homecoming. Each story took a different take, from a different perspective and did that take quite well. Aside from being good stories on their own, I found it interesting that 3 out of 5 of the stories shared this theme.

You can read it online here.

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