May 18 2012

Hugo Packet 2012

The Hugo Packet for the 2012 Hugo awards is out now. It contains “electronic copies of individually nominated works, and representative works from people and groups nominated for their 2011 body of work as a whole. To thank the authors and publishers who have generously provided these materials, we urge you to provide your financial support to them in bookstores, at art shows, and online.”
It is available to anyone who is a member of Chicon 7. Note that you can become a supporting member for just $50 and then you get to vote for the Hugo and Campbell awards and get this cool packet.
I’ll be reviewing a majority of the works found in the packet. Here is my list of the finalists with links to what I have reviewed so far. I’ll be updating that page as I go and I’ll post my selections at some point before the Tuesday, July 31, 2012 deadline. I’ve got some reading to do, although not as much as last year.

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