March 1 2012

Midnight Tides

Midnight Tides is the fifth volume in Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen. With this volume Erikson continues his trend of both opening up the complexity and vision of his tale and of answering questions from previous volumes–some of which readers might not even be aware they had.
When I first began reading Midnight Tides I wasn’t that entranced with the idea of a whole book about Trull. The book, however, pretty quickly swept me in with its details and characters. Trull becomes a whole lot more interesting than we saw him in House of Chains. In addition to filling in details, the book is about opening up possibilities. We get Tehol & Bugg and a whole cast of new characters brimming with potential. Midnight Tides just gets better every time I’ve read it.
Each book so far has added a bit to a vast wide angle pull back shot that makes up the overall story. As Amanda mentioned that is one of the very cool things about the story. Where is it going? What is going to happen? The possibilities are endless at this point in the story. Contrast this to say “The Lord of the Rings.” LotR is a fantastic journey but the end is pretty much pre-determined. What’s the end at this point–could be anything, but you can be sure it will be cool.

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