February 28 2012

The Throne of the Crescent Moon

The Throne of the Crescent Moon is the debut novel by Saladin Ahmed is a well told fantasy that takes its roots from the Middle Eastern world.
In addition to the Middle Eastern setting, Ahmed shakes up the typical fantasy tale by having the core characters be somewhere in their 60’s.
Doctor Adoulla Makhslood, “The last real ghul hunter in the great city of Dhamsawaat,” would really like to retire from having adventures and quietly drink cardamom tea (which sounds good.) However, events rapidly transpire to force the Doctor and his assistant, Raseed bas Raseed–a Dervish warrior sworn to a holy path, to face a dark sorcerer worse than any the Doctor has faced before.
To aid them in this, the Doctor recruits his two old friends Dawoud and Litaz. Dawoud is a mage whose spells draw upon his own life energy and Litaz (his wife) is a highly skilled alchemist.
The final member of their band is Zamia, a young Badawi tribeswoman who has been gifted with the ability to take a lions shape and whose band has been slain by the sorcerer.
In addition to the magical plot, there is political trouble brewing in the city as the mysterious Falcon Prince foments revolution against the cruel Kalif.
The story is pretty quickly paced and quite enjoyable to read. I had a good time reading it. If you like this tale then you will probably also enjoy The Desert of Souls.

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