February 24 2012

The Coldest War (Audiobook)

The Coldest War by Ian Tregillis in audiobook form came out on January 17 and I snapped it right up. It is the first audiobook I have ever listened to but I didn’t want to wait until July when the book form comes out (although I’ll buy and read that also) before finding out what happens in this, the second book of the Milkweed triptych.
I don’t want to say anything spoilerish about the contents since the actual book form isn’t out and I’ll do a more thorough content review then. For now, let me say that I really really enjoyed it. It is a very worthy successor and isn’t just a middle volume, but moves the story along nicely. Here are a couple of lines that stood out as I listened (and I had some paper handy):

… like rose petals on a virgin’s grave.
… like music written by a spider.

Good job Ian!

It took me a month to listen to–14 hours, 7 minutes long. I discovered that I can’t put an audiobook on in the background like TV or music. I have to pay attention or I end up missing things and have to go back. So, that was interesting to find out about myself.
I really enjoyed the narrator–Kevin Pariseau. He has a very nice voice to listen to and did the various character voices well. He also did a really good job at pronouncing some of the longer German phrases–now I have an idea at a correct pronunciation for them. Ian included quite a lot of good scenic detail in the prose that worked well in this audio format.

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  1. By EEGiorgi on

    Unfortunately, I can’t do audiobooks, but I really look forward to the print book. I read the excerpt on Tor and it blew me away. Ian is such an exceptional writer!

    1. By Steven Halter (Post author) on

      I doubt I will do many more audiobooks. Like you, I don’t care for the form, but I couldn’t wait on this one. I plan on getting the book right away and then doing a full review.

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