February 8 2012

The God Engines

The God Engines was an enjoyable fast paced novella by John Scalzi. It begins with the intriguing line, “It was time to whip the god.”
Scalzi has created a very interesting universe here. In it, starships are powered by the coercion of beings who are termed “gods.” These beings have been defeated by the “god” of the humans who operate the ships and provide all of the energy and motive force for the vessel.
The ships “god” is held captive within bonds of iron and by the collective faith of the crew in the power of their own god.
The pov character is Captain Tephe of the starship Righteous. Captain Tephe is somewhat conflicted but his faith is strong. There appears to be somewhat the same conflicts between officers and priests as between officers and political officers in the Soviet Union.
This was fairly different than Scalzi’s usual books–a darker tone in general, but well worth the read. It will be interesting if he returns to this universe at some point.

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