February 7 2012


Awakenings is the very good debut novel by Edward Lazellari and is the first book of what promises to be a very fun and interesting series.
The story begins with Colby Dretch–a somewhat down on his luck PI who receives some visitors at his office. They want him to look for a boy. The case seems simple enough and Dretch doesn’t much care about any legalities and is quite willing to take their money. They want a little more than his word for loyalty and take his heart as a guarantee while leaving him “alive.” And, thus we are informed that we aren’t just in a PI story.
We are then introduced to Cal, a NY cop who quickly meets some thugs who aren’t quite the type you would normally see and Seth a stoner/”photographer” who is also jolted out of his normal life as his apartment is bombed and he is on the run. Both Cal and Seth share the trait that they don’t recall anything beyond thirteen years ago.
Lastly, we meet Daniel. Daniel is a thirteen year old boy with troubles at home and more at school. His stepfather is abusive and his adoptive mother spends most of her time in a haze of Valium. Daniel spends most of his time daydreaming and trying to avoid the wrath of his stepfather.
As the title implies, this volume of the story is about the awakenings these characters undergo as they realize their parts in the story to come. The reader is gradually introduced to where the characters come from and some of the things they need to be doing. I liked that the needs of their current lives weren’t just thrown aside or overlooked and the characters had a good amount of depth to them.
The book was nicely written and quickly pulled me along into the plot. I look forward to the next volume.

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