January 19 2012

Stuck in This Tree in Fae Blues

Here are some thoughts I had about the Cthaeh in Rothfuss’ The Wise Man’s Fear (To the tune of Folsom Prison Blues):

I see those futures comin’; they seem without end,
If you ask your questions, your answers I will bend.
‘Cause I’m stuck here in this tree, til the stars fall down.
But the future keeps unfoldin’; no way to skip this town.

When things were just startin’, a Wise Man told me, “Son,
Always be truthful; don’t ever hurt no one.”
But I de-winged a butterfly, just to bring you nigh.
I keep those mortals comin’, just want to make them cry.

I bet there’s people walkin’, out there in the sun,
They think that they’ve got free will, they’re havin’ lots of fun,
WELL I had to see it comin’, I ended in this tree,
But I keep the game on movin’, it sets my tortures free.

Well, if I could travel in the sunshine, if the future was just mine,
I’d play a different game, maybe drink some wine.
Far from this tree, that’s where I should be,
And when those doorways open, I will laugh with glee.

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