January 17 2012

The Coldest War Audiobook is Out

The Coldest War audiobook is out on audible.com. They are trying a bit of an experiment in that the audible form of the book is coming out now and the print form comes out in July. I’ve never listened to an audio book before, so this is also an experiment for me. So:
Step 1 — go to audible.com.
Step 2 — get the iPhone app. Hmm, need an audible account to get books.
Step 3 — create an audible account.
Step 4 — purchase book. Hmm, it tells me something went wrong, but it is in My Library. Hit download and see that I need audible installed. Install some things, clear my cookies, and we have it downloaded.
I see there are two parts for just over 13 hours of listening. So, the first thing I see about audio books is that they are slower than my normal reading speed. But, onward! I’ll post a review of the book and the experience once my listenification is done. 🙂

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