January 16 2012


We’ve been on four cruises. Two to Alaska, one Caribbean and one from Venice to various Grecian islands. The Grecian island cruise was aboard the Costa Mediterranea. We had a marvelous time and so recent tragedy of the Costa Concordia is a bit too close to home.
If you haven’t ever been on a cruise, it is probably difficult to really envision just how enormous these vessels are. It is truly mind boggling to see one lying on it side. In looking at the pages I can see that the Mediterranea is a somewhat smaller ship with 12 decks and a capacity for 2100 passengers while the Concordia has 17 decks and a capacity of 3700 passengers.
Exactly how the Concordia wandered as far off its planned route (I have seen a figure of 2.5 miles off course) would seem to be the key element.
We also saw that the passengers had not yet had their safety briefing. This seems odd as on each of the cruises we were on, the evacuation briefing was one of the first things done, soon after leaving port on the first night.
It appears that Costa is being pretty forthcoming with answers as they emerge and has stated that there appears to have been “significant” human error. Well, yeah–there pretty much had to be.

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