January 3 2012

Human for a Day

“Human for a Day” is a wonderful anthology with 16 stories on the subject of what it would mean for someone(something) to be human for a day. It was edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Jennifer Brozek.
I enjoyed all of the stories in this book. That’s fairly rare for an anthology for me. Usually there will be a couple that don’t do much for me. In this case, there was a good consistent level throughout.
In particular, the stories “THE MAINSPRING OF HIS HEART, THE SHACKLES OF HIS SOUL” by Ian Tregillis and “CINDERELLA CITY” by Seanan McGuire appealed to me.
The Tregillis story had me as soon as it mentioned a shipment of tulip bulbs as a gift. It went on from there as a very interesting story about the desire of a steampunkish automaton to become human and the ramification thereof. I was particularly struck by what seemed to be a depth of world building background behind the story. Very well crafted.
The McGuire tale centered around the city of San Francisco becoming incorporeal. I enjoyed the general story there and the thought of cities being aware was a good one. Any story with a command of “Pigeons, kill.” has something really going for it.
As I said, those two stories particularly appealed to me, but I enjoyed all of the rest. Very well done.

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