October 20 2011

Mortuus est meus iPhone

Whilst on vacation I discovered that the waterproof bag into which I had placed my iPhone wasn’t so much waterproof as a good bag for holding the phone immersed in water. This was on the seventh and so I pre-ordered the new iPhone 4s and AT&T sent me a delightful note that it would be delivered on the 14th.
I tried the various ways of drying the old phone, but it seems to no avail. In the meantime, the 14th came and went and the status of my pre-order changed to back-ordered. It seems that a pretty large percentage of people are in the same back order boat.
So, I’ve been phoneless for about 2 weeks now. I don’t use the phone as a phone all that much, so that part is just kind of annoying. I am missing the ability to check email or do a random web search at random times when I’m away from a computer more annoying.

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