October 12 2011

River Marked

River Marked by Patricia Briggs is the 6th book in the Mercedes Thompson series. Mercedes is a shapeshifter (she can turn into a coyote, see ghosts and do a few other things.) Her shapeshifting is tied up in her heritage–both from the American Indian side of her ancestry and more immediate aspects of her ancestry.
Mercedes (or Mercy) was raised by a werewolf pack after her father was killed in a car wreck and her mother couldn’t deal with a shapeshifting child at that point.
In addition to the werewolves and shapeshifters, an extremely interesting part of the background stories of these books is that the Fae exist and have exposed themselves to the general public. For this, think of all of the various old-world gnomes and trolls and magical beings made real with some twists. One of these twists is that in the US most Fae have been moved (for their own good) to reservations. And, there are vampires who aren’t public and aren’t sparkly.
As with the Kate Daniels series I’m not wild about the romantic portion of the plot. Again, the “girl goes to the Alpha male” part of the plot seems a bit too standard. But, I’m willing to overlook that here also as the world building and character details are very interesting.
In this volume Mercy goes on a trip to the Columbia River with Adam (a werewolf Alpha) and discovers an old evil reawakening. She also learns quite a bit about her own family and origins.
This was a good addition to the series. If you have liked the series so far, then you will like this one.

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