September 8 2011

Labor Day Trip

Over Labor Day weekend we went on a train ride to Chicago. Actually, the first half (MN to Chicago) was on a bus as Amtrak called us the night before and told us the train was about 4 hours late due to the flooding in North Dakota. They said we could either wait for the train the next day or they would be providing a bus that left on time. We picked the bus. That was actually pretty nice of them as opposed to the airlines that usually don’t give any warnings of delays and then tell you to sit and like it.
We stayed at the Palmer House. We’ve stayed there a number of times and like the hotel and its location. The lobby:
is really quite awesome. The entrance with the Peacock doors:
We went to a game at Wrigley (the Cubs won 6-3):

So that made for a nice weekend getaway. On the way back we got to ride the train. It takes about the same amount of time to take the train as it does to drive to Chicago from where we are. I find it a much more relaxing trip than being cooped up in a car.

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