June 22 2011

Experiment Results

Back from vacation. We went on a cruise to Alaska (pictures eventually when I get thing organized) and the scenery and such were amazing. As I mentioned previously, we only took an iPhone and iPad in lieu of a laptop and books.
The book portion of the experiment went fine. I expected this to work well as we’ve already been doing a lot of reading with these devices. This probably gave us about 8 free pounds for our luggage, so good showing for e-Reading.
The laptop replacement worked fine also. For checking email and small amounts of writing, the iPad works quite well. The one problem we did have (and would also have had with a laptop) was that the ship internet was both slower and more expensive than I would have thought by this time. So, while we were at sea, I only checked email occasionally. Interestingly, once we were in port, the AT&T 3G connection worked great in all of the cities we visited so the iPhone actually worked better than a laptop in those places for connectivity.

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  1. By Ian on

    Welcome back. It sounds like a neat trip. I’ve heard Alaska cruises can be really great.

    Interesting experiment, too. Someday, if and when I own a modern electronic device, I’ll keep this in mind.

    1. By Steven Halter (Post author) on

      Yes, the scenery was quite awesome. It is really hard to contemplate the size of a glacial wall.


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