April 22 2011

Minicon 46

I’ll be heading off to Minicon 46 later on today. I’ve gone to most of these since 1989–I think that this will be my 20th.
This year I’m trying something new–I’m going to be on a panel for the first time:

Malazan Book of the Fallen Recap – 2:30 PM Saturday – Veranda 2
The tenth and final volume of Steven Erikson’s epic, Dark Fantasy was just released on March 1, 2011. The Malazan books are almost thirty years in the making, and more than a decade after the publication of the first in the series. These books take place in a world originally created with Ian Cameron Esslemont as the surroundings for D&D and GURPS roleplaying campaigns. What are some thoughts on this final installment, and on the series as a whole? What about the Ian Cameron Esslemont’s Novels of the Malazan Empire?
Panelists: Beth Kinderman(M), Steven Halter, Greg Johnson

I proposed the panel as it seemed like a panel idea I would want to attend.
John Scalzi is the Author Guest of Honor. His books are good and his blog Whatever is interesting. It should be a good convention. I’ll be posting a write up on it when I return.

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  1. By Ian on

    Wow, you’re a regular fixture at Minicon! I hope I can make it to Minicon some year. I lived in Minneapolis most of my life, but didn’t know about Minicon until after I moved away.

  2. By Steve Halter on

    There are quite a few people who come back to Minicon year after year. It’s a good time, I’m pretty sure you would like it.


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