March 31 2011

The Wise Man’s Fear

The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss is the second book of his Kingkiller Chronicles. He has stated that there will be three books in all. I read the first volume (The Name of the Wind) last week and read this one this week. So, I didn’t have to wait for the four years separating the two volumes.
In this volume, Rothfuss shows that the first volume was not in any way a fluke. To be succinct, I liked it very much. If you liked The Name of the Wind then you will like this. If you haven’t read either volume, then go read them now. If you haven’t read just this one, then go get it and read it now.
It is written in a similar fashion as the first, third person in the ‘present’ and the story of Kvothe as told by Kvothe to Chronicler in the first person. Again the tone and style is marvelous and magical. It flows, well it flows much like the wind.
Without revealing very much, I’ll say that the book continues pretty much where the last one left off. Kvothe is at the university. We learn more about his studies as Kvothe does. As the story progresses, we travel to various new places, and learn a few helpful things about the background of the world and the background of Kvothe.
There are a host of wonderful details. Pay attention to the poems and the songs and the stories within stories. Well, and all the other parts also.

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