March 9 2011

Meta:Why a blog?

I’ve had this domain for a long time. For most of that time it was a fairly simple set of html pages mainly for holding my two Java books. Over the past couple of years I’ve been gradually de-lurking and being more active on various boards. Especially so on

So, last November I decided to go ahead and make the site over into an actual blog. For content, I decided on whatever interests me at the time. One of the prime reasons for doing this is for me to force myself to actually do some writing–limber up the language muscles. That’s been proceeding fairly well (I think).

The book reviews have been a fun challenge so far. I think I’m gradually getting into the swing of them. My plan is to eventually trick my usual procrastination into getting back to writing some fiction. A couple of thousand words a day and who knows?

Back in college (Iowa State, circa 1985) I took a creative writing course and really enjoyed it. The professor was Jane Smiley–who later went on to win the Pulitzer for A Thousand Acres. At the end of the semester, I had managed to write a number of shorts and all of them managed a SF bent in one way or another. A couple of years later, in grad school, I was in the basement of the Com Sci building and she came by to get some help from the help desk people on typesetting her manuscript (for A Thousand Acres). She remembered me from class and said I should write some more. I agreed. Somehow, 20 some years has passed. I did do the two Java books, but my fiction output has been pretty small. One theory I have is that doing lots of programming has eaten up a lot of the creative portion of my time.

So, there you go — blogging as a form of writing therapy. We’ll see how it works.

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