April 14 2014


The debut novel from E.E. Giorgi, Chimeras is a delightful combination of hot prose and cool science. I was hooked on the first sentence of:

It was one of those hot summer afternoons, with air made of cobwebs and a glare as sharp as pencils.

Wonderful stuff, that, and the book continues to delight with prose that streams out like Chandler.
Actually, I’ve been hooked even prior to reading that first line as I first heard about the Chimera books and E.E. Giorgi in September of 2011 via a post on Ian Tregillis’ website. I read that interview and have been following Giorgi’s blog on genetics that is so skillfully done. I’ve been anxiously awaiting her fictional prose ever sense.
In the book, we meet the main character, Detective Track Presius of the LAPD Robbery and Homicide Division. Track leads a journey of discovery through the novel. Discovery, both of his own personal nature (why his senses of smell and vision are heightened far beyond “normal” peoples) and discovery of the mystery at hand. The mystery that Track finds turns into a growing series of murders linked to the name Rhesus. Behind both the personal and case discoveries, we get very engaging views of cutting edge genetics via the characters of Diane Kyle, a genetics researcher and Doctor Watanabe–a doctor Track went to, seeking answers after his mothers death.
In addition to the main point of view of Track, we also get a series of segments from the point of view of Rhesus. I liked the layering this provides as we see events from the other side of the coin.
I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good mystery be it of the scientific or the serial kind. Very well written.

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