February 20 2014

A Feast For Crows — Chapter 5

Here is my commentary on Chapter 5 of A Feast For Crows.
For those of you who don’t know what I am doing with these, I have been reading the various Game of Thrones novels for the first time and posting my thoughts over in the tor.com A Read of Ice and Fire.
This has been quite the interesting experience as it is a very odd way to read a book (or even odder a set of books). Since Google is awash with Game of Thrones spoilers, this limits my ease of look-up of details from earlier books. Funny how quickly the internet has become an external reference point/expanded memory. On the other hand, I have eBook editions and that helps balance things out as it is wildly easier to search them than paper monsters.
Since I am reading these for the first time, don’t post any comments about events later in the series, but also be warned that each chapters posts will contain all the details I find in the chapter or happen to think of as I am reading. I may even put in some extra material that I think I have figured out that I either don’t put in the tor read or white out there to not spoil others reads who may not have thought of such things.

A Feast of Crows–Chapter 5
Chapter 5 – Samwell: When we last saw Sam, I think that Jon had just been elected; Sam was also quite possibly one of the movers behind that election.

No mouse is a match for Septon Jorquen.

Ha! I like this very much as we open on Sam struggling amidst a pile of moldering tomes it is a struggle with a mouse with which we find ourselves.
Dolorous Edd continues to be comic gold:

Dolorous Edd Tollett gave a sigh. “When I was a lad, we only ate mice on special feast days. I was the youngest, so I always got the tail. There’s no meat on the tail.

Actually, this whole little section is a nice respite. The various verbal jabs of these brothers as they focus on what is right in front of them rather than things they can’t control like Others and Kings is nicely done.
Jon is sending Sam to Oldtown, but he is stopping first in Braavos. That should be very interesting. The Braavosi have all been quite different from either the Westros people or the slavers that Dany has been encountering. Also, I think that was where Arya was heading. Also, also if they end up at the Citadel, we already know that there are troubles afoot there from the person who killed Pate. So there is more than parchment and ink at the Citadel.
I think Sam is worrying too much about his father. He really doesn’t have much to say about anything Sam does anymore. I know, it is hard for Sam or anyone to separate from their formative issues, but really Sam, move and. Also, do realize that you are not a coward.
And, one more also, Jon should make sure to stay connected to his friends and not get all wrapped up in the duties of Lord Commander.

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