February 24 2011

Spook Country

Spook Country by William Gibson was a book I was really looking forward to reading. I’ve really enjoyed Gibson’s work in the past. When I began the book, I could feel Gibson’s familiar tone and was all set to settle in for a cool ride. Unfortunately, the cool ride never quite came. The tone and writing skills were there, but the story never really grabbed me. Really, there are three main stories here that gradually interweave. There is Hollis Henry, ex-rock star now reporter following some VR artists, Tito is a member of an ex-Cuban spy family and Milgrim is an Ativan junkie who is following the mysterious Mr. Brown. This seems like a good set up. But, for me it never really goes far beyond set up.
Gibson is being experimental here in that he is writing a very current account kind of like it was science fiction. I could appreciate the style, but, like the characters, the style just wasn’t enough.

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