August 16 2013

Mark Reads — John Dies at the End

The epilogue for “John Dies at the End” was extra fun for me as I commissioned the videos. Mark Oshiro does various stuff, but in particular he reads things for the first time and writes about it on In addition to just writing about things, Mark will do a video of himself reading (and reacting) chapters from the book. “John Dies at the End” contains a bunch of weird things that are fun and disturbing and strange and horrifying and sometimes insulting and sometimes peg on. So, of course, it seemed like a good idea to watch Mark as he read the final part of the book. It was. Mark did an excellent job.
By the way, I liked both “John Dies at the End” and the sequel, “This Book is Full of Spiders” but then, I’m a tad twisted so they were almost bound to appeal to me.

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