February 18 2011

The Drawing of the Three (Dark Tower 2)

The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King is the second book of his Dark Tower series. I enjoyed this book quite a lot more than the first volume. As King himself says in the afterword:

This longer second volume still leaves many questions unanswered and the story’s climax far in the future, but I feel that it is a much more complete volume than the first.

I agree with this wholeheartedly. In this volume, Roland awakes upon the beach not long after the ending of the first volume. He finds that he is getting wet from the incoming tide and that a large lobster creature is attacking him. The lobstrosity (as Roland calls it) injures Roland. The injury and accompanying infection color much of the rest of the book.
Roland proceeds north alog the beach until he comes to a curious door. The door is suspended without being attached. When Roland looks behind the door he finds that it vanishes–it only exists from one side.
Roland finds that this door (and others) lead into what at least seems to be our world. Each door leads to one of the people mentioned in the tarot reading at the end of the first book.
This book was clearly the work of a King who has now mastered his craft. While the first volume was sometimes slowly paced and difficult to get through, this volume pulls the reader along through the story.
On to book three.

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