February 18 2011

U is for Undertow

U is for Undertow by Sue Grafton is the 21st entry into Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone series. We’ve journeyed through the alphabet with Kinsey and watched her life evolve. I first picked up this series around 1990.
Grafton delivers again in this volume. We start the story in 1988 when Michael Sutton, (27) enters Kinsey’s office and tells her he has remembered something from when he was 6 years old–a couple of men burying something. He thinks it may have been the body of a child who was kidnapped around that time.
Kinsey takes on the case and begins her usual persistent probing of the details.
The story alternates between Kinsey’s investigations in 1988 and flashbacks to other characters in the late 60’s. We learn more about Sutton and his family and others connected to the story in this fashion.
Along the way we also learn some more about Kinsey’s own past and her relatively recently discovered relatives.
I enjoyed this latest entry quite a lot. If you like mysteries, this series is a must read. And, if you are already reading the series, pick this one up.

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