January 4 2013

Apollo Robbins — Pickpocketing the Brain

I read this very interesting article about Apollo Robbins in The New Yorker yesterday. He’s been around a while, but I hadn’t heard anything until this article. Apollo Robbins performs a pickpocketing act at a very high level. Cool stuff.
What I found particularly interesting was his exploitation of various holes in human’s perception and psychology. Here is an article from Scientific American that goes into more on this aspect of the subject.
What we (our consciousness) perceives as a smooth flow of information is really anything but. From blindsight to Change blindness there are a multitude of holes that can be exploited.

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  1. By Steven Halter (Post author) on

    I watched a couple of videos of him since writing this. Even if you are paying attention it is fairly hard to follow what he is doing–he is just that good at getting your eye to follow where he wants.


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