November 30 2012

Cold Days

Cold Days by Jim Butcher is the latest and excellent addition to the Harry Dresden series. The storyline itself was excellent–good uses of tension, humor and character building. Harry has to learn to adapt to his new situation as the Winter Knight and that is a big part of the journey, but the book also brings some very interesting new information and changes for others as well as Harry. I’ll admit that the final twist in the end was one I didn’t see coming at all.
I’ve been refreshing myself on these through the reread series on and it is really very interesting to see just how much Harry has grown character-wise from the start of the series to this volume. Butcher himself has obviously grown as a writer. He deftly handles multiple plot-lines here and ramps up his already very good control of pacing.
The only character missing was Mister (as far as I know, he is safely at Murphy’s house).

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