September 7 2011


Deadline by Mira Grant is the sequel to Feed and the second book in the Newsflesh Trilogy. Feed was my pick for the 2011 Hugo and I’ve got to say that I enjoyed Deadline just as much. If you haven’t read Feed yet, then you should go and do that.
Before we get to Deadline, I thought I might respond a bit to some of the criticisms I saw about Feed. First, yes the book has zombies and no you shouldn’t let that sway you either way. The zombies are part of the story but the real story is how people and society are reacting to the zombies–not the zombies themselves. In many ways, this story is about the effects of fear. As Frank Herbert says in Dune–Fear is the mind killer. Fear is a distraction that is too often used to way too much effect to disguise the truth. And getting to the truth is another underlying theme in these books. If you thought you had everything figured out in Feed, then think again.
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