July 5 2012

Ian Tregillis Interview

It occurred to me that I haven’t ever done an interview here. So, today I will remedy that by interviewing author Ian Tregillis. This July is a busy month for Ian as he has several books arriving. The Orbit edition of his first novel, Bitter Seeds will be out in the UK/Commonwealth on July 12.

Even more exciting is that The Coldest War, the sequel to Bitter Seeds, is due out in hardcover/eBook form on July 17 in the US from Tor. For various reasons there was a bit of a pause between these volumes, but The Coldest War is well worth the wait. If you haven’t yet read Bitter Seeds, then hurry up and read it as you will want to read The Coldest War as soon as it is out. In fact, if you can’t wait (as I couldn’t), you can already hear it in audiobook form from Audible.com. You can read excerpts from The Coldest War here and here.

And, to make July even more event packed, Ian will be handing in a new novel, Something More Than Night, to his editor at almost the same time. Ian has said that Something More Than Night will be a Chandler inspired murder mystery set in Heaven.

I thought it might be nice for Ian to talk about some of these things and so, without further ado, let us proceed to the interview:

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