July 10 2012


Here are some visitors that have wandered through our backyard. This first picture is Woody. He (or she–we don’t know) is a woodchuck who lives in the woods somewhere and likes to come down and munch out of the squirrel feeder occasionally. The squirrel feeder was originally a bird feeder, but we gave up pretending as to who gets the most use out of it. In this case, Woody is the alpha rodent of our backyard.


There are a number of whitetail deer that live in the woods (about 5 acres worth behind the neighbor’s yard). We don’t generally give them names as they pretty much all look alike. We didn’t see fawns this year, but for historical reasons we tend to name all of the fawns, Godzilla.

Here is a shot of some of the young turkeys. Three turkey hens led their spring brood up the other day. As near as I could count there were 25 of the young ones. Each is roughly softball sized. They make interesting high pitched whistling noises as they hop about.